11 Summer Camp Treehouses

Treehouses are quite popular these days thanks in part to the Animal Planet reality show Treehouse Masters and Airbnb. But nothing says treehouse quite like a summer camp. Surprisingly, they aren’t as common as you might think at camps around the country (photographs of them at least) but these are some of the treehouses you’ll find at camps around the country. You can see additional summer camp treehouse photos at Camping Coast to Coast and Gary Forster’s website.

Hole In the Wall Gang Camp, Connecticut

This accessible treehouse at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Conn., a camp founded by the late actor Paul Newman, was built in 2004. See more photos at Stauffer Woodworking.

Many Point Scout Camp, Minnesota


These solar powered treehouse cabins are used for afternoon activities and evening sleepouts at Many Point Scout Camp in Ponsford, Minnesota. See more photos at the camp’s website.

Pine Tree Camp, Maine


This accessible treehouse was built in partnership with Forever Young Treehouses at Pine Tree Camp in Bath, Maine. See more photos of on the camp’s website.

Camp Still Meadows, Virginia


This accessible treehouse at Camp Still Meadows in Linville, Va., was a partnership with Forever Young Treehouses. See more photos on the camp’s website.

Camp Jewel, Connecticut


You can find this treehouse structure at the YMCA Camp Jewel in Colebrook, Conn. Photo from the camp’s website.

Candlelight Ranch, Texas


This accessible treehouse can be found at Candlelight Ranch in Marble Falls, Texas. See more photos at Forever Young Treehouses and Stauffers Woodworking.

Sanborn Western Camps, Colorado


This four-story treehouse was built in the 1970s at Sanborn Western Camps in Florrisant, Colorado. You can read more about the treehouse on the camp’s blog.

Wonderland Camp, Missouri


This treehouse at Wonderland Camp in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, is another accessible treehouse collaboration with Forever Young Treehouses. See more photos at Flickr and Forever Young Treehouses.

Camp Augusta, California


This photo is courtesy of my friends over at Camping Coast to Coast, which they took when visiting Camp Augusta in Nevada City, California.

Camp Matz, Wisconsin


This accessible treehouse can be found at Camp Matz in Watertown, Wisconsin. See more photos of it at Forever Young Treehouses.

Cradle Beach Camp, New York


This accessible treehouse can be found at Cradle Beach Camp in Angola, New York. See photos at Forever Young Treehouses.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at Tangzine.com and MatthewRalph.com. I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

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  1. Woodeden Easter Seals Camp in London, Ontario Canada also has a wheelchair accessible tree house. It over hangs a huge cliff and looks over a river. I don’t think they have photos on line but their director is active on #CampPros

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