1930s Silent Film from Camp Hy-Lake


Camp Hy-Lake was a boys camp that operated on Caney Fork Lake near Franklin, Tennessee, from 1931 to some time in the 1980s. This video taken from a silent film of the camp shot some time in ’30s shows the activities at the camp, which included swimming, canoeing, baseball and overnight tent camping.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. Hy-Lake wasn’t near Franklin, TN (which is south of Nashville). It was on the Cumberland Plateau, between McMinnville and Sparta in a wide spot in the road called Quebec, TN. I spent several summers there both as a camper and a staff member during the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. The girls camp was in Monterey TN just hour away
    FFA had a camp (Camp Clements) just up stream and very short drive from Hy-Lake
    A Boy Scout camp (Camp Boswell) was down stream from Hy-Lake and just less than mile from them the camp (entrance on other side of BROWNIES)
    And a Fishing Camps was next door to Hy-Lake

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