2013 Oscar Winners Summer Camp Connections


Jennifer Lawrence, won for best actress
Lawrence’s older brother, Blaine, is the director of Camp Hi-Ho, a Shelby County, Ky. day camp where she once served as an assistant nurse. Lawrence won for her role in the movie Silver Linings Playbook, which co-stars Camp Firewood drama counselor (in 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer) Bradley Cooper.


Daniel Day-Lewis, won for best actor
It’s not clear whether the London-born actor who won his third Oscar for his depiction of Abraham Lincoln ever attended summer camp, but his father, Cecil Day-Lewis, did write the 1940 book The Summer Camp Mystery under the pen name Nicholas Blake. The book was the sixth in a series of Nigel Stangeways mysteries and is very much out of print.


Anne Hathaway, won for best actress
Hathaway, who won for her supporting role in Les Misérables, attended Camp Johnsonburg in Johnsonburg, N.J.


Ben Affleck, directed best picture winner
Affleck, who directed the best picture winner Argo, is an alumnus of Crossroads for Kids, a summer camp and leadership program in Massachusetts.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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