30 Rock’s Summer Camp Moments


The end of 30 Rock‘s run last night has had fans of the show reminiscing about their favorite moments. These are some summer camp moments from the show that come to mind.

Oprah Confession
While sitting next to Oprah Winfrey on a plane ride, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) decides to confess something that happened at summer camp in the “Believe in the Stars” episode from season 3.


Above the Beanstalk Summer Camp
In a season 4 episode titled “Argus,” we learn that Grizz and Dotcom met at summer camp in a statement Liz is asked to settle a dispute over who will be best man at his wedding. “Dear friends, I don’t want any more fighting or bad feelings. Tracy, I love you, but I’ve known Dotcom ever since we went to Above the Beanstalk, a free summer camp for giants. I want him to be my best man. And if you care about me, you’ll respect my decision. I will always be your…” Oh, no, I’m white. I can’t read that word. Um…”Friend from the neighborhood. Grizz.”

30 Rock

Jenna’s Kids
In this clip, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) talks about the summer camp she started that “teaches pretty blond girls how to be mean.”


Tracy’s Camp for Underprivileged Children
In a season 6 episode titled “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching,” Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) tells Liz that he started a summer camp for underprivileged kids along with a lot of other nonsense to try and get her attention.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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