8 Fake Summer Camp Movies

Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp

Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, a sequel to Christmas Ape, is one of the many movies directed by fictional filmmaker Troy McClure in The Simpsons.

Sleepover Camp Massacrebloodymurdermovie

The fictional slasher movie series Sleepover Camp Massacre is referenced in the 2000 slasher movie Bloody Murder.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a horror movie directed by the fictional director Julian Barrett in the 2014 film Dead.TV.

Summer Camp Slasher

The fictional movie Summer Camp Slasher showed up in an episode of the CW show Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Hiker Meat

Hiker Meat is a fictional ’80s summer camp referenced in the movie Rough Cut. You can see a trailer of the fake film below.

Death Canoe 4

Death Canoe 4 is the fictional movie screening in the “Halloween Surprise” episode of Parks and Recreation that Donna live tweets. The actual footage shown is from the 1986 horror film Blood Hook.

Phat Camp

Phat Camp is one of the movies on the marquee at the Premiere movie theater where Drake and Josh get jobs in the episode “Movie Job” of Drake & Josh.

Sex Camp

Jack Black’s character, Jeff Portnoy, talks about a summer camp movie he starred in in the movie Tropic Thunder. “Back in ’98, I did a low budget titty comedy for skinemax, ‘Sex Camp.’ Anyway, me and the campers from the uncool camp had to break into the rich girls’ camp. So we did it by building a catapult. They shot us over the wall and we parachuted down.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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