A phone call home from camp gets interrupted in ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) gets a call from his daughter at camp in the “Limbo” episode of Halt and Catch Fire (Season 2, Episode 8), but the call doesn’t last long when Clark makes an alarming discovery.

“Hey sweetie, how’s camp?” Clark says when he picks up the phone, drinking a beer in his kitchen. The conversation is only shown on his end so we don’t know which of his two daughters he’s talking to or what she’s saying.

“Oh yeah, what did you  make? A rocking horse? All by yourself? Did you paint it? Purple?”

Flipping through a magazine while talking to his daughter, Gordon notices an ad for a custom computer company that sounds an awful lot like the one he recently started in his garage and momentarily flips out, cutting his daughter off and telling her to call back tomorrow.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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