About the Blog

About the blog
Since Oct. 30, 2010, the Summer Camp Culture blog has collected pop cultural artifacts depicting and celebrating the life and culture of the summer camp, which is defined in these pages as a place children and young adults attend typically in the summer time, in the woods, in cabins or tents with things like mosquitoes, s’mores, canoes, capture the flag, bug juice, campfire sing-a-longs and Color Wars (sorry, cheerleading camp in your high school gymnasium doesn’t count).

Please note: Not all material mentioned on this site is suitable for children. In fact, often times summer camp experiences inspire depictions in popular culture no camp counselor or camp director who wants to keep their job would ever condone or endorse. A mention on this site does not mean we condone or endorse these depictions either or that we recommend showing the TV program or movie to your children or campers. 

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