Actor from ‘Stand By Me’ pie story is a camp director now

The actor who played David “Lardass” Hogan in the campfire story Gordie (Wil Wheaton) tells his friends is today a summer camp director in Oregon.

Andy Lindberg first served as director at Camp Namanu from 2002-2004, but left to pursue acting in New York City, only to return to the camp a year ago.

“It is my intention to help make Camp Namanu a safe, fun place for children to sing and enjoy the outdoors in the company of friends, old and new,” Lindberg wrote in a blog post last December announcing his move. “In fact, I think Namanu is poised to be the premiere Oregon youth camp. Plus it turns 100 in 2024, so I’ve got a target to hit.”

Lindberg recently talked about the famed blueberry pie scene with the Thrillist for an article titled “The Crazy Stories Behind 5 Disgusting Movie Vomit Scenes.”

You can see the scene below or on YouTube.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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