Actor Jason Segel sang ‘Castle on a Cloud’ in a falsetto his first day of camp

When actor Jason Segel got a chance to go to summer camp with his older brother Adam, his brother had only one request. Don’t embarrass him.

It didn’t take Jason long to do just the opposite. Responding to a request for campers to come to the front, introduce themselves and share a talent, Jason made sure everyone knew he was Adam’s brother before belting out “Castle on a Cloud” from Les Miserable in a falsetto.

“He was pretty upset with me,” Jason says in a video conversation with actor Jesse Eisenberg on the Rolling Stone website. The name of the camp was Cali Camp in Los Angeles.

Segel plays writer David Foster Wallace and Eisenberg Rolling Stone reporter and writer David Lipsky in the movie The End of the Tour.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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