Actor who played Buddy Garrity starring in new summer camp series

Brad Leland, an actor who Friday Night Lights fans will recognize as the car salesman and football booster Buddy Garrity from the critically-acclaimed NBC TV series, is involved with a new web series set at a scout camp.

Leland portrays shooting sports director Tom Russell in the series Camp Abercorn, which is currently raising money through IndieGoGo to complete the production.


Camp Abercorn is set at a fictional summer camp where a group of Compass Guides (a fictionalized version of the Boy Scouts) and staff members spend the summer in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. The web series is described as a dramatic account of the adventures and misadventures of camp staff like Russell and camp director Mark Tunney (Tyler Cook) and archery instructor Zak Filinkov (Morgan West) serving at the camp.

Showrunner Jeffrey Simon is an Eagle Scout so it promises to be not only true to life but respectful of the scouting tradition.

Check out the trailer below and the IndieGoGo page to support their efforts.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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