Adam dreams of going to Space Camp in ‘The Goldbergs’

Adam dreams of going to Space Camp after seeing the 1986 movie SpaceCamp in the “Smother’s Day” episode of The Goldbergs (Season 3, Episode 23).

A bunch of kids accidentally getting launched into space? That’s asking a lot of the audience,” Dave Kim says after hearing Adam declares it “the most amazing movie ever made.”

To convince his dad to let him go to the real Space Camp, Adam prepares a video presentation. “My name is Adam F. Goldberg, and I have the right stuff,” Adam says in the video, later adding that, “For the price of only 500 cups of coffee, you can help your youngest son reach for the stars.”

Murray isn’t convinced, but after discovering his dad once had a dream to be a ventriloquist, Adam eventually wears him down.

As shown at the end of the episode, the real Adam F. Goldberg did in fact make a video to try and convince his parents to send him to Space Camp, but he never did get to go. As the real Beverly Goldberg explains on Twitter,  he ended up going to Stagedoor Manor instead.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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