Adam misses out on audition for Meatballs 2 in The Goldbergs

Given the number of references to ’80s movies and other pop culture on the ABC comedy The Goldbergs, it was only a matter of time before something was said about Meatballs.

Sure, the original came out in 1979, but two of the three generally disappointing sequels came out in the ’80s, which makes for even better material. That’s exactly what it becomes in the episode “So Swayze It’s Crazy” (Season 4, Episode 15).

In the episode, Adam has an opportunity to audition for a part in Meatballs Part II, but Beverly isn’t happy with the role being for nerdy kid and never bothers to tell Adam about the opportunity. She believes, as the title of the episode suggests, that her son is a Patrick Swayze

In the end, Adam and his mom end up going to see the movie in theater and like so many people who have seen it are thoroughly confused.

“I never saw Meatballs Part I but I’m very confused,” Beverly whispers to Adam. “So am I. Where’s Bill Murray and why is there an alien in their bunk?” Adam responds.

With that, you learn that Beverly has brought along the camera man they hired to take head shots (played by Adam’s real-life inspiration Edie Rob, of A Christmas Story fame) so they could watch the movie to prepare for auditions for Meatballs 3.

“Of course it does” (make sense), the photographer tells Adam. “All camps have end of the summer boxing matches to determine who gets the rights to the lake.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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