Team behind ‘Rec’ developing ‘Summer Camp’ horror movie

Filmax, the Spanish production house responsible for the [REC] films, has revealed that Sleep Tight scribe Alberto Marini will be making his directorial debut with a thriller/horror that will be set at and go by the name Summer Camp.

This is what Marini has to say about the film in director’s notes on the Filmax International website:

It’s not the first time a genre film has been set in a summer camp. The setting, the isolation, putting a load of strangers together in one place… all these things are great ingredients for a horror film.

With Summer Camp, we wanted to bring new life to the concept, by playing around with the conventions of the genre, surprising and terrifying the viewer with the unexpected.

There’s a game common to the majority of kids around the world, both in and out of summer camps: “Tag you are it”, “Ce l´hai”, “Pilla pilla”, “fangermandl”, “chat”, ‘740;{72;{87;{71; The fun of the game is that the roles are constantly changing. The pursuer becomes the pursued, the cat becomes the mouse.

We wanted to capture this idea in a horror-filled, adrenaline-pumped movie. Where the characters barely have time to catch their breath and are shown no mercy. A film in which you’re never sure who your friends or who your enemies are, a game you’d never wish to be part of and where, sometimes, in order to escape the only option is to attack.

via Shock Till You Drop

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