Alex is a miserable junior counselor in ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack’

Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik) goes away to Camp Okachobie for three weeks as a junior counselor in the “Camping” episode of The Secret World of Alex Mack (Season 4, Episode 3).

When Alex arrives at camp, she discovers that her dad’s old camp nemesis Jerry Thorwood is in charge and also that’s she not very good at doing camp things like archery, making lanyards and starting fires. When her dad gets a letter detailing her misery at camp, he decides to pay his old camp a visit.

Alex and her own camp nemesis Kelly (Hilary Angelo) get lost in the woods when Alex uses her powers to liquify and get away from a bear that attacks them. Kelly climbs a tree and is afraid to come down, giving Alex and Kelly a chance to talk and settle their differences before the bear comes back and Alex’s dad comes to save the day pretending to be a bear to scare the one trying to climb the tree away.

Alex and her dad then bond over their shared experience of struggling to master camp.

“I guess there’s more to camp than survival techniques, huh?” her dad says.

“Yeah, I guess most of it is how you survive other people, but I at least made some progress I think,” Alex says, referring to her newfound friendship with Kelly.

Alex inspires her dad to patch things up with his nemesis too and the story ends happily ever by the campfire with Kelly telling the campers how brave Alex and her dad were.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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