Alicia shares summer camp story in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

When you’re stuck in an underground pantry with hundreds of people slowly suffocating to death, it’s understandable that your thoughts would shift to happier times at summer camp when you were a kid.

That’s the scenario Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) finds herself in in the “This Land Is Your Land” episode of Fear the Walking Dead (Season 3, Episode 13). She’s stuck in an underground pantry with all of the residents of a ranch that fled a zombie attack only to discover that the one vent providing air to the bunker is blocked. Befriending a woman there, they swap stories of happier times as the air runs out and Alicia starts laughing when she mentions Camp Big Cove. She goes on to explain that she was at the camp in the Sierras when she was nine and was ready to perform “This Land Is Your Land” when she completely forgot the words.

“So I get up on stage and the music starts, one of the counselors playing on a Casio, and I freeze. I can’t remember a single word and I’m standing there staring out at the audience when I see Nick’s face looking at me in horror like he’s living it with me or something.”

She goes on to explain that her brother Nick ran up on stage, but he too forgot the words and just started belting out the title of the song over and over again to great applause.

“He takes this giant bow and everyone applauds; it was a standing ovation,” she says.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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