Ally reunites with camp crush on ‘Campers and Complications’

Summer camp relationships can sometimes lead to marriage, but the ones that don’t work out can also lead to some awkward conversations when couples try to continue a relationship started at camp when they return home or rekindle one years later (a common theme of late on TV with HBO show Girls exploring the topic and The Mindy Project tackling it later this month).

Ally (Laura Marano) discovered the awkwardness of rekindling a camp crush in a recent episode of Disney Channel show Austin & Ally when she reconnects with Elliot (Cody Christian), a friend she met at Camp Craftamonga, an arts and crafts camp. At first, she’s smitten all over again with Elliot, who has aged well but still carries a glue gun in his pocket at the ready.

Reuniting at Sonic Boom, Elliot and Ally quickly catch up and we hear a story of how Elliot called a basket she was weaving “un-beweavable” when they first met. It’s a story we end up hearing every time a scene cuts to the pair hanging out and one that quickly starts to feel like fingernails to chalkboard for Ally.

As it turns out, her and Elliot have nothing in common and nothing to talk about other than camp. Austin (Ross Lynch), meanwhile, is jealous of Elliot and the time he and Ally are spending together so he tries unsuccessfully to weave a basket (it ends up looking like a birds nest) and does the normal teen sitcom things to try and interfere with their relationship, while simultaneously flaking on his girlfriend.

In the end, Ally and Elliot realize they aren’t right for each other and Austin realizes the reason he was so jealous of Elliot was because of his not so complicated feelings for Ally.

Sadly, the closest we get to a flashback to camp or any other visual representations of Camp Craftamonga is a photo of a rather nerdy looking Elliot and the characters describing a photo of Ally taken at camp in which she has really bushy eyebrows.

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