‘American Odyssey’ villain took identity of friend from camp

One of the villains on the show American Odyssey pulled a Don Draper with a friend she met at summer camp.

Bob Offer (Nate Mooney) discovers this when he goes looking for information about a so-called TIME magazine reporter named Ruby Simms who claims to be researching a story about the show’s Occupy-style movement but in reality is on a much more sinister assignment. Bob finds a photo with a caption identifying the reporter they know as Ruby by another name (Ricky Casillas) and alerts his friend and movement figurehead Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson).

When Walters confronts Ruby with the information in the “Figmo” episode (Season 1, Episode 9), Ruby (Daniella Pineda) tells him a story about how she and the real Ruby Simms were both abuse victims who met at a summer camp for troubled teens.

She explains that she took Ruby’s name after her friend was killed by her abusive father as a way to escaping her own abusive family situation. If this story sounds at least partially familiar, it’s probably because Don Draper (Jon Hamm) from Mad Men did the same thing with a friend who died in the war, ditching the name Dick Whitman to start a new life with his friend’s identity.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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