Andy Dwyer went to camp with William Henry Harrison descendant

Andy Dwyer, the lovably dim character portrayed by Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation, went to summer camp with a descendant of President William Henry Harrison.

This fun fact came out in the “William Henry Harrison” episode of Parks and Recreation (Season 7, Episode 3) where Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) tries to make a case that land she wants to turn into Pawnee National Park should be preserved because the ninth president of the U.S. once had a hunting cabin on the land.

Looking for a face for the campaign, Leslie asks if there are any living relatives of Harrison and a local historian tells her about a distant nephew named Zachary Harrison. As it turns out Andy knows Zach and has embarrassing stories to tell about him since they went to Camp Wamapo together as kids.

“No one would ride in the boat with him because he had terrible B.O.,” Andy said after seeing a photo of Zach in a book about the president’s 32 days in the White House (he died of pneumonia on his 32nd day in office).


Harrison, a reluctant spokesman for Leslie’s park proposal, is portrayed by actor Tim Baltz in the episode. “I really don’t think you should make a big deal out of this,” he tells her. “I just happen to be a descendant of a guy.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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