Andy Samberg teams up with camp friend to create tennis mockumentary

Actor Andy Samberg teamed up with a friend from summer camp to create the HBO tennis mockumentary 7 Days In Hell.

Samberg and writer Murray Miller (American Dad!, Girls) met at Skylake Yosemite Camp when they were teenagers.

Samberg talked about his friendship with Miller in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“The writer of 7 Days of Hell, Murray Miller, is an old friend of mine from summer camp, and when we were that age — probably about 17, 18 — we already were writing comedy stuff together. We both played tennis and wanted to do something with comedy and tennis, and it was sort of a pipe dream. And we were watching the Isner-Mahut match together on the third day and laughing about how long it was going. We were saying, “Man, somebody should write a movie where a match just never ends.” And I said, “We should! We should do that! We both work in the comedy business — why not just do it?” [Laughs] A year and a half ago — he is a writer for Girls and has a relationship with HBO — I said, “Hey, instead of trying to make that a big movie, let’s make it documentary-style and pitch it to HBO.” So we pitched it and they liked it and then we made it. It happened really fast.”

The 43-minute mockumentary premieres on HBO July 11 at 10 p.m. eastern.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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