Andy Samberg worked as campfire coordinator at Yosemite summer camp

Actor/comedian Andy Samberg, who recently won a Golden Globe for his performance in TV comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, worked as a campfire coordinator at Skylake Yosemite Summer Camp in Yosemite National Park.

Samberg talked about the experience in a 2011 interview about his friendship with jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth, who he met at camp.

“The kids definitely liked me,” Samberg said. “I was the campfire coordinator, which meant I organized the entertainment every evening. I think they were sick of me by the end of each summer. Just like with any comedian, you can’t see one person entertaining for too long.”

Samberg said they made the position up for him because he didn’t have any other skills. “I couldn’t teach windsurfing because I didn’t know how,” he said.

There are several videos shot at Skylake in 1996 that are posted on YouTube, including the one below of Samberg in a talent show singing something about how we’re all going to die.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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