Anne Hathaway auditioned for ‘The Parent Trap’

Actress Anne Hathaway is starring in the Nancy Meyers-directed movie The Intern, but it’s not the first time she’s tried to be in one of her movies.

Hathaway claims that she auditioned for the remake of The Parent Trap Meyers directed in 1998, but Meyers doesn’t remember her audition.

“I saw a lot of kids for Parent Trap,” she said. “She must have been so young.”

Hathaway was 15 when the movie came out. Had she landed the audition it would have been her first film credit. Instead, her first credit was in the short-lived television show Get Real, a family drama that also featured the debut of Jesse Eisenberg (they played brother and sister). The Brooklyn native’s film debut came in 2001 in the movie The Princess Diaries.

Meyers talks about not remembering Hathaway’s audition in the video below.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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