April goes to grand opening of late husband’s camp in ‘Chasing Life’

April attends the grand opening of her late husband’s camp for kids with cancer in the “First Person” episode of Chasing Life (Season 2, Episode 11).

The camp, known as Camp Hendrie after her husband Leo and located in the Berkshires, asks her to speak at the grand opening.

“Leo wanted this camp to be something special and I think if you look around you’ll see his wish came true,” April (Italia Ricci) tells the crowd. “He believed in adventure and I hope you all have a lot of them here.”

Still reeling from the loss and overwhelmed, April stumbles over her words and closes with a cliche about how Leo (Scott Michael Foster) was a “really good guy” before cutting the ribbon.

Later in the episode April goes on a boat ride with one of the campers, a 10-year-old named Rashad (Justice Griffin) and opens up about how hard it’s been for her to lose her husband. The camp shows up again in the episode after the sun has gone down and Dominic (Richard Brancatisano), who accompanied April to write an article about the camp, ends up playing a song during an open mic event. 

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