Arrested Development’s season 4 has Camp Kissa-Me-Mommy flashback


It took only three episodes into the new season of Arrested Development to get a camp reference but since it involves Buster (Tony Hale) it’s not quite our idea of summer camp that Buster is referencing.

When Lucille (Jessica Walter) asks her daughter Lindsay (Portia De Rossi) to read an awkwardly flattering testimony at her trial, we learn that it was actually a letter Buster wrote Lucille from Camp Kissamemommy. The joke, of course, is that Buster would never have been allowed to leave home to go to camp so the flashback scene of a young Buster writing a letter in a tent in 1982 is followed by a scene with a young Lucille (Kristen Wiig) in her bedroom with a tent set up helping Buster write the letter.

All 15 episodes of the new season, the first for the show since it was canceled by Fox seven years ago, were released on Netflix streaming on Sunday.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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