Artwork inspired by Heavyweights in Judd Apatow Art Show

MattKaufenberg large

Matt Kaufenberg‘s “Devil Log”

While considering the massive body of work with Judd Apatow’s named attached (at only age 45), I was pleasantly surprised to see two pieces inspired by Heavyweights in the Judd Apatow tribute show at Gallery 1988. Apatow co-wrote the comedy set at fat camp Camp Hope with Steven Brill in 1995, long before he became a household name and a whole four years even before Freaks and Geeks‘ oh-too-short run on television.

You can see all of the works from the show, which opened Tuesday and runs through the end of the month, on the Los Angeles gallery’s website HERE.

Joe Van Wetering‘s “Attention Campers”

JoeVanWetering large

Matt Ralph

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