Avery Barkley and Mud from ‘Camp Nowhere’ are the same person



Morris “Mud” Himmel is one of the all-time favorite summer camp movie heroes but until recently I didn’t realize that he and Avery Barkley, the sell-out musician on ABC prime time drama Nashville, are the same person. Both characters are portrayed by Jonathan Jackson, the now 30-year-old actor, musician and author who in his first film portrayed a character who manages to organize his own counselor-and-adult-supervision-free summer camp in the 1994 movie Camp Nowhere.

Jackson hasn’t changed too drastically from his Camp Nowhere days. He still has the flowing long hair and charm that made him such an unforgettable character, only now he’s using it to portray a character whose thirst for stardom and fame leads him to ditch his friends from childhood and lose his talented girlfriend.

Considering one of his co-stars recently made the news for suing a taco place, I’d say Jackson isn’t doing too bad for himself even if he isn’t as big of a star as Jessica Alba, who also made her film debut in Camp Nowhere.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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