‘Awkward’ ends where it started, at Camp Pookah

After five years and a whole lot of drama, MTV series Awkward ended its run right back at the summer camp where it all began in the “Happy Campers. Happier Trails” episode (Season 5, Episode 24).

The series teased a return to Camp Pookah in the last episode when Jenna and Matty ran into each other at the camp signing up for the reunion but went all in the series finale with all of the main characters returning to the camp that was little more than a high school gymnasium decorated for an afternoon last day of camp dance in the opening scenes of the series back in 2011.

Camp Pookah’s closing brings them all together to reminisce about the good times and lament the end of an era for a camp. Lissa (Greer Grammer) for one isn’t too happy about the camp closing. “Greed is taking this place,” she says. “Our childhood is being annihilated and turned into condos.” Sadie, who is in the hospital recovering from a car accident when the episode opens, is saddened to say goodbye to her favorite horse Chocolate Chip.

Jenna doesn’t even make it out to camp at first because of a function at SCU, the college she is transferring to, which upsets Matty, who had planned an ice cream heist with her. After getting called out by a snooty professor for looking at a selfie her friends took at camp on her phone, Jenna ends up leaving the party and showing up at camp where she and Matty end up having their ice cream heist and a heartfelt conversation back in the utility closet where they spent some time on the last day of camp when they barely knew each other.

The episode and the series closes with all of the friends around the campfire, creating a bookend to a show some might have been surprised survived for as many seasons as it did.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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