Bat in the Bunk the next book in summer camp story series

The second in a children’s book series inspired by author Elliot Sloyer’s time at camp when he was a kid,will tell the story of a time a bat got loose in the bunk at Camp Massad in Tannersville, Pa.

Sloyer is crowd-sourcing the printing of the book titled Bat in the Bunk, due out in June 2015, and donating all of the proceeds to the Jordan River Village, a SeriousFun camp in Israel.

Click here for the fundraising page, where you can be the first to receive a signed Hardcover First Edition of the book for a $35 donation, have your name appear in the Thank You page of the book for a $100 donation and more.


Sloyer’s description of the book:

Bat in the Bunk  is the  second book in the Summer Camp Stories series.  It’s a fun, memorable, and educational adventure that promotes great values, while subtly  introducing children to the summer camp experience.  The story is based on a true story that happened at Camp Massad in Tannersville, PA nearly 42 years ago (wow – I’m getting old).  I have been telling the story to children for decades – always to smiles and looks of wonderment, and usually to the question – Did that really happen??? And the answer of course is YES!!!

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Matt Ralph

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