Beam Camp puts out call for 2016 project proposals

Beam Camp, the summer camp program in New Hampshire, that teams campers with artists, designers, engineers and other professionals to execute creative projects in a natural environment has put out their annual call for project proposals for the 2016 camp season.

The camp is looking for:

  • Proposals from creative individuals with big ideas, including but not limited to Artists, Engineers, Architects, Builders, Filmmakers, Designers, Technologists, etc.
  • Big ideas that result in a unique, ambitious, and spectacular product
  • Projects that are ambitious enough to occupy and challenge 100 campers and 20+ staff members for approximately 50 hours
  • Projects that take advantage of our camp’s landscape and rural setting
  • Proposals that communicate a clear vision (sketches, diagrams, and other visuals are always helpful) and represent your/your team’s expertise
  • Proposals that include techniques, materials, or disciplines that we have not previously utilized in the past (not mandatory)

Click here for more information.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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