Beam Summer Camp 2012 Projects

I first heard about Beam Summer Camp about a year ago when they put out a call for proposals of installations for their New Hampshire summer camp program and immediately I was intrigued with how the camp brings in noted artists, architects and other professionals to create installations the campers participate in creating. Curious how the finished product turned out for this year, I stopped by the Beam Summer Camp website to get an update on what they had created. The result is two projects that have successfully blown my mind (while simultaneously making me wonder how I could do something similar at my own camp).

Navigating Dreams
In “Navigating Dreams, Matthew Springett Associates proposed that Beam campers and staff construct a new night sky of LED constellations controlled and navigated by a boat-machine. Says Springett, “I have long been inspired and haunted by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short story ‘Light is Like Water’ and the idea of imagined, dream-like, navigation into the world beyond; of using one element (light) in place of another (water) to create an opportunity for escape. The lost art of navigating by the stars will be explored as we develop our own stellar landscape with which the navigator can chart their journey and interact. We will navigate our dreams in a world of light.” 

Creature Quake
In “Creature Quake,” Rachel Kunreuther and Douglas Stookey design reshaped the camp’s landscape to reveal enormous creatures in earth, sky and lake. Beam campers and staff constructed an array of large-scale forms and structures imbued with their own kind of life and movement. Says Kunreuther of the project, “We wanted to build creatures that evoke the very real apprehension and fascination many of us have felt, in all stages of our lives, for the unknown world around us. By creating something real out of what is daunting and mysterious, we invite campers to forge positive personal relationships with their natural surroundings, to be inspired instead of afraid.”

Check out all of the photos and other details about the projects HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. I love the creativity at this camp. Their use of the surroundings in their art is inspiring. There seems to be a more project oriented movement at camps in general. We are living in the DYI generation, and I think that camps are starting to reflect this more and more.

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