Beaver Falls Episode 2 Recap

A 4th of July depiction of a California summer camp by a British TV drama would be remiss if there weren’t a joke or two about the upstart revolutionaries defeating the red coats to gain independence. But fortunately, the stereotypes and cliches are tamed down considerably in the second episode of Beaver Falls.

Save for some offhanded comments from the American camp director about British inbreeding, the episode plays itself out as more daytime soap opera than the raunchy teen comedy of its debut. Not that Flynn, the womanizing Scot doesn’t get any action, or that the language is tame for American network standards.

The start of the episode finds A-rab naked and not in his cabin (the sleepwalking gag even less funny than it was the first time) encountering, horror of horrors, the staffer he is crushing on and trying to get up the nerve to invite to the dance later that night. His crush, a self-professed Christian, seems to take it all in stride and even after A-rab makes a joke about his penis still agrees to go to the dance (aka “hop”) with him.

But A-rab convincing a girl to go to the dance with him is about the least shocking feature of a dance that reminded me a lot of the dance in Heavyweights in which Tony Perkis’s plan to humiliate the campers with a dance backfires when the fat campers end up dancing and having a good time with the pretty girls from the camp across the lake. The difference is that the popular girls, led by late arrival and daughter of the governor Lily Meadows pays Flynn back a favor by getting her cabin of pretty girls to ask the fat kids to the dance. Lily later confesses her love for messing with the social order of camp, as if her aggressive advances toward Flynn weren’t already evidence of that.

Still, the biggest shock of the dance comes from Barry, who pulls a Harold and Maude by showing up to with the elderly camp secretary. Their pairing comes as the result of a friendly wager they make after Barry discovers the secretary with the camp director’s cougar wife smoking weed in a shed. Barry’s weed supply problem solved – earlier in the episode he strikes out with a couple of campers he discovers are actually smoking grass – his pursuit of the lifeguard who gives him lessons and lets him ogle her in exchange for pot continues. But her boyfriend, nonplussed by seeing his jock campers playing wallflowers at the dance while the fat campers danced with their girls ends the episode by declaring his own personal war on the Brits and their misfit campers.

It was a little harder finding this episode this week but if you search hard enough on Google you should be able to track it down.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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