Beaver Falls Episode 4 Recap

For all of the innuendo and talk of sex on Beaver Falls, it took the temperature rising into the triple digits and a surprise visit from over the pond by an ex before anyone other than Flynn actually did more than talk about women.

In the British drama’s fourth episode, Saima (the girl on a video the Chunk bunkers found online way back in episode one rejecting A-rab’s proposal at their college graduation) flies to California to try and make a go of it again with A-rab and manages to turn him once again into putty in her hands. Spotting trouble for A-rab as soon as a high-heeled and mini-skirted Saima steps out of the taxi, the Chunk bunkers capture A-rab’s ex and tie her up in a shed. As most things the campers attempt though the plan backfires and ends up making Barry look like a moron in the process.

Once freed, Saimi’s resolve to get A-rab back is only strengthened when she encounters Rachael holding hands with him. The fourth character with a British accent to appear in the show wastes little time trying to woo A-rab back and when she is spotted in the cabin wearing nothing but her lingerie she sends Rachael off the deep-end an episode after she drank herself into a stupor because she though A-rab had hooked up with another woman. The Christian character’s slip into the immoral abyss is subsequently completed when Flynn shows up and Rachael gives him her “V-card” in the same cabin where A-rab finally wakes up to the reality of who the girl who a few months ago he thought he wanted to marry really is.

It all makes for run-of-the-mill teen drama that is as predictable in the show as it is in real life summer camp. Because, what would summer camp be without love triangles and endless relationship drama? In this case it’s the staff members again – the throwing keggers and not even bothering to hide it from the campers staff members – who end up looking like the ones in need of positive role models and the kind of values a summer camp experience is supposed to instill.

The biggest culprit in this episode is, surprise surprise, the Christian character Rachael who in addition to falling for Flynn’s womanizing charm out-does her golf-cart stealing last episode by letting the camp she was asked to look after run wild in Bobby’s absence. As the party rages on at Beaver Falls, another level of Bobby and Pam’s characters is revealed at a nearby motel and the mess, like seems to happen each episode, is left to clean up next week.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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