Beaver Falls Series 2, Episode 2 Recap

Watching Beaver Falls from the perspective of someone who volunteers at a real summer camp in the U.S. requires frequent suspension of disbelief – one of the counselors being forced to wear a leg bracelet because of a bar fight the night before campers arrive one of many reasons this season alone – but the second episode of the current series does touch on a topic very real to summer camps in the 21st century: cell phones.

In the episode, it’s camper cell phones that help to spread the rumor that “Flynn is dying” through the camp seconds after the airheaded but surprisingly resourceful and determined Hope cons Thurston into telling her the secret that drove him to feast on uncooked cupcakes in the kitchen. The rumor’s rapidfire spread through the camp is just one of many reasons why leaving cell phones behind while at a summer camp is a preferred option.

The contents of the text messages – and the overwrought response that includes a website dedicated to his memory – buzzing around camp sends a brooding Flynn packing after he decks Bobby twice to keep him from revealing the secret everyone but his daughter has found out. Flynn takes off in his shiny new (rental, presumably) convertible truck as others are left giving explanations and concocting theories abound about why the rumor spreading is so devastating to the emotionally guarded Flynn, who came back to camp to get away from his disease. Naturally, Barry has to tag along and despite his feud with A-rab, A-rab quickly decides to join in the fleeing party before he’s reminded by a still scheming Hope (who convinces Bobby to demote Rachel) that his ankle bracelet won’t allow him to leave.

Flynn and Barry’s road trip to nowhere doesn’t last long, of course, and after literally reaching the end of a road they turn back, Barry convincing his mate that telling everyone it’s not true and that he made it up to try and gain sympathy from the girls (something showing up with a cast in episode 1 already did plenty) is the way to go. When faced with a front row of cheerleaders and the rest of the camp, however, Flynn can’t bear to lie and breaks down to tell the truth, just as Pam is doing her best to pretend to be the scorned wife of an adulterous husband when she catches Bobby making out with Thurston’s mom, Kathie Lee, who had brought a group of juvenile delinquents from a detention center on a day trip to the camp to expose her “second chancers” to life on the outside.

After falling for Pam’s attempt at once again ruining Bobby’s attempts to find love, Kathie Lee is so horrified by the “den of inquity” she grabs Thurston, Thurston’s “brother” and makes haste to the buses, the guards rounding up the delinquents and leaving in a puff of smoke before Thurston is able to tell A-rab who really spread the rumor about Flynn.

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Matt Ralph

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    1. You’re right. I must have been mixing him up with Alison Doody, the Irish actress who plays Pam. Thanks for the heads up. In the future, feel free to post as yourself though. No need to be anonymous. I don’t bite.

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