Beaver Falls To Debut July 27

A new British television series about a group of university pals who head to Caliornia to experience the time of their lives as counselors at a summer camp will be debuting July 27 on E4, a British channel that shows a lot of American shows and is also home to British shows Inbetweeners, Skins and Misfits.

Here’s the plot outline from the Beaver Falls Facebook page:

Best friends Flynn, A-Rab and Barry are three ordinary British lads who met at Uni. Now freshly graduated, they’re determined to have one last carefree summer of fun before facing the cold, hard realities of real life, and they’re going to do it in style. Somehow, they’ve managed to blag themselves jobs at Beaver Falls, an elite American summer camp for the ridiculously tanned and beautiful teenage offspring of California’s rich and powerful.

This is a summer job that requires them to be responsible. To set an example. To be role models to their young charges…yeah, whatever! There’s no way they’re going to let the job spec get in the way of their single-minded pursuit of The Ultimate Summer. Two months of hanging out, chasing girls and getting into mischief beckon for these boys, who are all set for time of their lives. But things have a habit of not quite working out the way they expect: no one mentioned that the kids they’d be looking after would be this annoying…

There’s no word yet on when and where the series might be available in the U.S. You can see two other promo videos HERE and HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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