Before they were stars, they were in summer camp movies

Before they were big stars, these well-known leading actors went to fictional summer camps in movies.

Jessica Alba in Camp Nowhere

Jessica Alba was 13 when she appeared in her first film roll, playing the bit part of Gail in the 1994 movie Camp Nowhere.

Jennifer Aniston in Camp Cucamonga

Four years before Friends began its successful run and three years before her motion picture debut in the 1993 film Leprechaun, Jennifer Aniston played camp counselor Ava Schector in the TV movie Camp Cucamonga, which was kind of a who’s who of television stars from the ’90s, none as famous as she is now.

Dennis Quaid in GORP

Dennis Quaid was already known for his role in the 1979 film Breaking Away but he took a turn at summer camp while his career was still in its infant stages in 1980 appearing in the movie GORP as one of the servers named Mad Grossman.

Jason Alexander in The Burning

Years before he ever appeared on the small screen and nearly a decade before becoming a household name on Seinfeld, Jason Alexander played a camper at Camp Stonewater in the 1981 slasher film The Burning. The movie was also one of the first to be produced by the Weinstein brothers.

Giancarlo Esposito in Sesame Street

Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Revolution) appeared on Sesame Street series as counselor Mickey at Camp Echo during a series of episodes on the PBS show in 1982. It’s not quite a summer camp movie, but if you put all the scenes together it’s sort of like a movie.

Matt Dillon in Little Darlings

Matt Dillon had only appeared in two other films when he went to summer camp on film in the 1980 movie Little Darlings, portraying a camper at Camp Little Wolf named Randy Adams.

Anna Kendrick in Camp

Anna Kendrick‘s first film was the 2003 movie Camp in which she played camper Fritzi Wagner, a camper at the performing arts camp Camp Ovation.

Tons of People in Wet Hot American Summer


The 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer was the first feature film for a ton of people, including Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Ken Marino, Elizabeth Banks, Joe Lo Truglio and Michael Ian Black.

Kenan Thompson in Heavyweights

Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson was was one of the Camp Hope campers in the 1995 movie Heavyweights, his second film, which appeared while he was starring in the popular Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That.

Evan Rachel Wood in Down Will Come Baby

Evan Rachel Wood went to Camp Clear Lake in the 1990 TV movie Down Will Come Baby, portraying the character Robin Garr whose friend dies at summer camp and is subsequently stalked by the friend’s mother.

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