Being Erica – Battle Royale

Being Erica is a CBC comedy-drama series that airs in the U.S. on SOAPnet.

The show is kind of what Quantum Leap would have been like if the main character had been a woman and sidekick Al a therapist. Instead of “leaping” back in time into various protagonists’ history-altering moments, Erica stumbles back into her own past to right wrongs or work out the issues that brought her to counseling in the first place.

On this episode, Erica is in a fight with her boyfriend and is sent back to Camp Winape, where she tries to fix the mess she got into with an ex-boyfriend that led to her getting kicked out of camp. Keeping with the period, Erica finds herself in the middle of a dance routine to Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” shortly after traveling back in time. It’s what you might call the episode’s Quantum Leap “oh boy” moment.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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