Ben Platt sings in Hebrew, mentions Camp Ramah on ‘Late Night with Seth Myers’

Broadway star Ben Platt reached back to his summer camp days at Camp Ramah to sing a Hebrew version of a Guys & Dolls song he learned during his time at Camp Ramah on a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Myers.

“We do all of our productions (at Camp Ramah) in Hebrew so I can give you a little bit of ‘Luck be a Lady’ in Hebrew,” Platt tells Myers during his interview, warning him that there is no Hebrew word for lady before belting out a few lines from the song.

Platt attended the Camp Ramah in California. He is currently starring in the original musical Dear Evan Hansen and played Benji in the Pitch Perfect movies.

via The Algemeiner

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. So glad the tradition of doing Broadway productions in Hebrew continues at Camp Ramah. I got in trouble with my wife at Lyric Opera’s production of “Oklahoma” when I started singing along under my breath, I thought. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been singing in Hebrew … and if I could sing.

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