Bevers reminisces about camp when power goes out in Broad City

When the lights go out in the “Hurricane Wanda” episode of Broad City from season 1, Matthew Bevers (John Gemberling) reminisces about his time at summer camp by playing a camp game and busting out a camp rap, talent show style.

Bevers, the boyfriend of Abbi’s never seen roommate, went to the fictional Camp Miniwakaga as a kid.

“Camp was the best,” he says. “I had the best time. Danny was the coolest counselor ever.”

He starts out his trip down memory lane by suggesting they play a game called light as a feather, where everyone tries to lift him using only two fingers and later starts rapping his camp bunk song.

“We are the boys of Danny’s bunk eight; We like to eat Skittles and master the bait…ting of hooks and archery too. We’re counselor Danny’s bunk now who are you?”

He responds to his own question in the rap with:

“I’m Matthew Bevers I’m from Terre Haute, I like being on land, I get sick on a boat” and because it’s Broad City continues on with some not-so family friendly rhymes.

You can watch “Hurricane Wanda” online on Amazon (it’s free for Prime members).



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Matt Ralph

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