Blake reconnects with old drama camp counselor in ‘Workaholics’

Blake runs into his old drama camp counselor outside a narcotics anonymous meeting in the “Meth Head Actor” episode of Workaholics (Season 6, Episode 2).

The drama camp counselor, Mr. Buckley, is played by guest star Andy Dick. When Blake (Blake Anderson) runs into Mr. Buckley, he looks like he’s living out of his car.

“I was Lenny’s understudy’s back up stand-in,” he tells Mr. Buckley. “You were like basically the main reason I im an actor. I mean ever since I saw the play you wrote, uh, MacBreath.”

Blake decides to try and help Mr. Buckley get back on his feet by taking him to a local theater and performing a scene from MacBreath. Like all things Workaholics, it’s over the top and over the heads of the community theater actors who were getting ready to hold a rehearsal when Blake and Mr. Buckley barged in.

Later, Mr. Buckley ends up landing an unconventional acting part that nearly gets him killed in the insane climax of the episode that’s far too complicated to explain for our purposes here.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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