Bo poses as camp counselor on ‘Lost Girl’


When a camper who sneaks off into the woods with his girlfriend disappears at Camp Fresh Start, Bo (Anna Silk) goes undercover as a camp counselor in the “Delinquents” episode of Lost Girl that aired March 24.


Voted most popular counselor three summers in a row at Camp Chippewa, Bo’s cheerfully earnest counselor skills don’t work quite the same at Camp Fresh Start, which she quickly discovers doesn’t resemble camp as she knows it at all.

It’s more an institution for juvenile delinquents with a little bit of nature that’s mostly overgrown weeds. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) poses as one of the delinquents and has little trouble fitting in with the gang and convincing them she’s not a narc when she lets Bo hit the ground on an attempted trust fall exercise.

Kenzi’s act endangers the campers though when, trying to protect them while going after the “monster” killer, Dyson locks them in their dorm and she picks the lock.

In the end, the “monster” is captured and a larger killing spree is avoided, presumably making Bo most popular counselor yet again since we don’t ever meet any other counselors.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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