Body Doubles The Unseen Actors of ‘The Parent Trap’ Movies

Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan get all the attention for playing the twins in The Parent Trap movies, but Susan Henning-Schutte and Erin Mackey were the unseen and unsung heroes of the two Disney films.

Since a single actress was cast in both movies – Hayley Mills played Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick in the original 1961 film and Lindsay Lohan played Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 remake – a body double was also cast.

Henning-Schutte was the stand-in for Mills and Mackey filled the role for Lohan.

Henning-Schutte had a few roles before and after playing the body double, but her last appearance was in a TV movie in 1968, according to IMDB. Mackey has been in stage productions, landed small roles on television (Gossip Girl, Blue Bloods) and appears in the upcoming movie The Intern playing the role of a mom.

Below you can see videos of Henning-Schutte talking about her time on set and photos of Mackey from the 1998 production.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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