BoJack Horseman’s dad tore his treehouse down when he was at camp

BoJack Horseman, the title character in the Netflix animated series about a washed up horse actor who was big in the ’90s, reveals something tragic that happened to him while he was away at summer camp at the end of the second episode.

BoJack, voiced by Will Arnett, breaks down and tells the ghostwriter for his biography (voiced by Alison Brie) what his childhood was  really like.

“He made me build my own treehouse and then he tore it down while I was at summer camp because instead of hardy Christian nails I used screws,” BoJack tells Diane Nguyen in an episode titled “BoJack Hates the Troops.”

All 12 episodes of season one are streaming on Netflix. The show also features the voices of Aaron Paul, Amy Sedaris, Patton Oswalt, Stanley Tucci and more.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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