Boy Meets World – Brother Brother

Cory (Ben Savage) gets all emo when he finds out Topanga is going to an all girls camp for the summer, his brother is leaving for college and his best friend Shawn is going on a road trip with his dad in this episode of ’90s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World.

Unfortunately, the references to camp are vague – Topanga doesn’t sport the camp’s shirt or mention the name of it and there isn’t even a packing or bus scene – but we do learn a little bit about Cory’s own summer camp experience in the process. While talking about camp with his parents, he is reminded that he called home from his one summer at camp to inform his parents that the counselors were conducting medical experiments on the campers.

The season finale of season three of the popular TGIF show, “Brother Brother” originally aired on May 17, 1996.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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