Brad sent to special religious camp for ‘smoking’ on ‘The Middle’

Sue Heck and her ex-boyfriend Brad Bottig hang out as just friends again after their break-up in “The Fun House” episode of The Middle (Season 1, Episode 18).

Sue (Eden Sher) explains that they broke up because Brad was a smoker – even though the real reason is obvious to everyone but apparently Sue and Brad – and that his parents sent him away to camp to deal with his smoking habit.

“His parents sent him to a special religious camp where they cured him,” Sue explains. “Of his smoking… No more urges.”

During the episode, Brad ends up seeking out Mike for advice and tells him has conflicted feelings about hanging out with Sue again. Mike assumes Brad is talking about feelings he might have for another boy, but it turns out Brad’s conflict is that he likes one of Sue’s female friends.

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