Brandon experiences Idyllwild Crest overnight in ‘The Fosters’

When Brandon spends the night at Idyllwild Crest, he discovers the hard way that the summer music camp’s evenings involve underage drinking and other distractions in the “Father’s Day” episode of The Fosters.

In the episode, the second to include the Idyllwild Crest storyline, Brandon (David Lamber) stays over with his friend Tom (Keean Johnson), who convinces him to “chillax” and have a beer that turns into tequila shots and late night partying.

What’s odd about this underage drinking party is that it doesn’t take place off in the woods somewhere but in one of the music school buildings, no adult supervision to be found. Instead of campers sneaking off into the woods to drink cheap, warm beer, Brandon and the other teenagers drink what appears to be more expensive beer in glass bottles and do shots out in the open as though it is a camp-sponsored activity.

Brandon’s nemesis Kat (Katherine McNamara) plays a role in getting him to have more than one beer and when he oversleeps and shows up to class late and hung over she doesn’t waste any time coming down hard on him. Perhaps, it’s not such a bad thing Brandon forgot to turn in his housing application and had to be a day camper, after all.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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