Brandon Foster goes to music camp in ‘The Fosters’

Idyllwild Crest School of Music has been referenced before on ABC Family show The Fosters, but in the Season 3 premier we finally got a glimpse of the school/camp.

Brandon Foster (David Lambert) shows up for his first day at Idyllwild in the beginning of the “Wreckage” episode and quickly learns that he was accepted to the school as a composer and not a pianist.

Once that misunderstanding is cleared up it doesn’t take long for him to make a friend named Tom (Keean Johnson, aka Luke Wheeler’s son in Nashville) who wears a t-shirt that says Treble Maker) and an enemy named Kat (Katherine McNamara). Once in class, Brandon gets paired up with Kat and learns that the composition students will be working on a song all summer with a partner for a chance to have a song performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Disney Hall.

Kat isn’t happy to be paired with Brandon.

“You’re not ready for this,” she says. “I’ve been coming to this camp every summer for the last five years and I’m certainly not going to lose my chance at playing Disney Hall because I got partnered with some amateur.”

This outburst has Brandon having second thoughts about the camp altogether. Since he’s commuting instead of sleeping over in the dorms, he takes some time away to think, but at the end of the episode goes back, promising that the Idyllwild storyline hasn’t come to an end just yet.

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