Brandon returns to Idyllwild Crest, makes new enemy in ‘The Fosters’

Brandon returned to Idyllwild Crest and the drama ensued as it usually does at the music camp in the “Faith, Hope, Love” episode of The Fosters (Season 3, Episode 7).

While his camp friend Tom (Keean Johnson) was the one who helped get Brandon reinstated, their already strained friendship is tested further when Brandon (David Lamber) decides not to do a prepared piano piece (that’s where objects are placed in the piano to alter the sound) and instead play it safe after asking Tom for advice.

Seeing an opportunity, Tom does a prepared piano piece of his own the next day and when Brandon confronts him afterwards uses the “prepared piano has been around forever” excuse.

“Prepare for some serious competition, my friend,” Brandon tells him after arguing that Tom would have never thought of doing a prepared piece if it weren’t for him. “Because I’m about to own you.”

The Idyllwild Crest School of Music sub-plot, which has appeared in four of the seven episodes so far this season, will have to wait at least until August 3 when The Fosters returns with a new episode on ABC Family.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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