Brandon takes on camp nemesis in ‘The Fosters’

After a week off from the Idyllwild Crest School of Music sub-plot, The Fosters picked back up on the storyline in the “More Than Words” episode (Season 3, Episode 4).

In the episode, Brandon(David Lambert)  takes aim at his camp nemesis Kat (Katherine McNamara), who convinced him to have shots with her at an after-hours party in the “Father’s Day” episode. Brandon ended up oversleeping and getting in trouble with his composition teacher.

Brandon suspects that Kat and his friend Tom (Keean Johnson) worked together to get him drunk since Tom was the one talking Brandon into having a beer and offered for him to stay over in his bunk.

Spoiler Alert: Brandon gets revenge by intentionally plagiarizing an obscure Bach piece he knew one of the instructors would recognize and then when Kat called it crap proved she would hate anything he composed.

Their punishment for the episode was that neither would be able to work together anymore and unless someone was willing to double up and work with each of them separately they would be kicked out of camp. Since Brandon burned his bridge with Tom by accusing him of scheming against him, Brandon comes home for dinner at the end of the episode and announces that he’s been kicked out of camp. No one volunteered to work with Kat either so both were sent packing, their dreams of having a song performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Disney Hall dashed.

Perhaps that was “bro” Tom’s plan all along.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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