Bravest Warriors play capture the flag at camp in Issue 31

The action at Camp Tribulon picks up again in Issue 31 of the Bravest Warriors comic book with Plum sending Peach a postcard and the campers playing an intense game of capture the flag.

Arthen, the disgruntled camper who spends most of his time glued to his game device, doesn’t fare too well in capture the flag and after being eliminated goes off into the woods to find Bugcat. Bugcat has a sinister mission he asks Arthen to complete and it results in a monster being unleashed that threatens the camp.

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Counselor Danny, meanwhile, is having a hard time getting into camp – his sarcastic cheer for his team is “woo, yeah, do the sport” – and he ends up connecting with Arthen over their disdain for camp. Danny’s reasons are a little more complex than Arthen’s – his parents dropped him off at camp the last time he was there and never came back. “Just disappeared into the see-through zone,” Danny tells Arthen.

Their time together takes a drastic turn and suddenly Danny is being called to rescue his friends and save the camp he isn’t too thrilled with in the first place as the story comes to another cliff-hanger.

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