Brian Fish spends ‘most time in woods’ since summer camp in ‘Limitless’

Brian Fish tries to be Ferris Bueller and fake a day off but ends up being forced into a Black Ops mission in the woods in the “Brian Finch’s Black Op” episode of Limitless (Season 1, Episode 7).

After walking 12 miles with a group of mercenary soldiers, Fish (Jake McDorman) says in his narration that he hasn’t “spent this much time in the woods since summer camp.”

That triggers a flashback scene to Brian throwing up in the woods and his counselor saying “You ate these? These are pokeweed you idiot.”

“One of the older kids told me they’d give me hallucinations,” he says in the narration. His punishment: copying a chapter about poisonous plants by hand, which later comes in handy since Fish has taken the drug that enables him to remember everything he’s ever read.

In the flashback scene, Brian, his counselors and the other campers all wear camp t-shirts that say Camp Broderick, which is a reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and its title character played by actor Matthew Broderick. The episode opens with a nod to the 1986 movie and later includes music from the film’s soundtrack.

Camp Broderick isn’t the only fictional camp referenced in the episode. A map of the area where Finch has been taken – called the Allegheny Islands Wilderness Area in Pennsylvania – shows a Camp Seren.

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