Brian from ’90s sitcom ‘Wings’ was not a fan of s’mores

Brian Hackett, one of the brothers in the ’90s sitcom Wings, was no fan of s’mores.

When his brother Joe (Tim Daly) suggests they make s’mores to help pass the time while keeping Helen (Crystal Bernard), who has a concussion, from falling asleep, Brian (Steven Weber) unleashes a diatribe about his hatred of the campfire snack in the “Goodbye, Old Friend” episode (Season 4, Episode 20).

“I hate s’mores because it’s like the dumbest name for a food in the world,” he says. “As in they’re so delicious I’d like to have s’more. That’s stupid. In fact, that’s what they should call them, s’stupids.”

Helen confuses the marshmallows for small pillows and tries to go to sleep on the table and the brothers later devise a game involving throwing marshmallows into each others’ mouths. They never end up making s’mores.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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